Working with ownCloud is great,
but how do keep your data in your control?

Losing control of your content

ownCloud is a great open source Enterprise content management system, but when you use the web client you download your content to your local devices. Your content might be downloaded on various devices. If you download a file multiple times, you storemultiple versions on your devices (filename.docx, filename-2.docx, filename-3.docx, etc.).

In short: you lose control of your data. An unwanted situation, especially when it concerns company vital and privacy sensitive information.

Increased risk of data leakage

But above all it increases the risk of data leakage. Files downloaded on your local device can be lost or viewed by persons who are not authorized to view them.

These files are not encrypted and can be easily transferred to others. Control on those files are completely lost.

Working with wrong versions

Besides security, not having the right information can be very annoying and frustrating. Let's face it. Often we download files on our local device, work with them and create new versions. But then we forget to upload them back to the server.

Result: the latest version is not on the server, so you and your team members are working with the wrong version. Making decisions based on wrong or non-complete information can have a serious impact on your business.

File synchronization slows down devices

Experienced the unexpected and very unwanted situation that your SSD-hard disk of your laptop runs full? This can happen as someone uploaded a vast amount of content on the server that 'thanks' to file synchronization were synced on your laptop.

Result: a slow, unresponsive laptop.

“WorkAIR by default does NOT synchronize your files. Only when you want to have a folder offline it will synchronize that folder, otherwise all your content remains in your ownCloud server.”

Choose WorkAIR and get these benefits:

Fast Access & Search

Very fast access to all your files. Thanks to the thumbnails you have instant visual view.
Fast search. Find your information within seconds.

Secure Access & Collaboration

All your content is encrypted. WorkAIR keeps your content on your ownCloud server. No downloading files to your local storage. No data leakage!

Easy Use

WorkAIR has a zero learning curve. With drag-and-drop and right-mouse-click functionalities everyone can work with WorkAIR.

Familiar Interface

WorkAIR looks like Windows Explorer but can do so much more. Thanks to the well-known interface you instantly know how it works.

"Used to work with Windows Explorer? Then you will love WorkAIR. Looks the same, but you can do so much more - like adding passwords and time limits to files you want to share.
It's Windows Explorer on steroids."

What WorkAIR does for you:

Your settings in one clear configuration overview 

The configuration overview shows you how much storage you have used and if your WorkAIR is connected.

By clicking on the Update you can update your WorkAIR to the latest version.

With Snapview you get to see the big picture.

WorkAIR shows you the thumbnails of your images, giving you an instant visual view of your photos. 

With Snapview you see a large version of the thumbnail of your image. Browse through your images with ease. This will help you find and select your images.

Open & save your Office 2013/2016 files directly to your ownCloud

Create and open an Office file in WorkAIR and your Word, Excel or PowerPoint will start. You can start editing that file on your computer. Once saved, it will be uploaded directly to your ownCloud private cloud. Multiple saves create multiple versions in ownCloud.

Losing the internet connection will not lose your unsaved work. It will be cached on your computer. Close the Office application and the file will be deleted from your cache automatically.

Offline access with Offline Folders.

By default all your content in WorkAIR is stored securely on your ownCloud server and never leaves it. But sometimes you need offline access.

You make specific folders available offline with Offline Folders. The files in that folder (not the subfolders!) will be synchronized locally. But these files will be stored encrypted and when they are 'cleared offline' they will be deleted.

Protect your 'travelling' content with passwords and time limits

Sometimes you need to share files with external parties that do not have an account on your ownCloud server. Those files become 'travelling' content as they will travel outside the secure area of your Nextcloud.

Protect these 'travellers' with shared links with passwords and time limits. Send passwords via text messages to the receiver and reduce considerably the risk your content might face, should your e-mails be hacked..

"Want your own logo on WorkAIR? Or the one of your client?
That is possible. You can do this yourself very easily."

See how easy WorkAIR works

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Fast access & search

  • Instant folder and file information.
  • Search functionality with fast results.
  • Offline access through offline folders.


  • Share folders &  files with password.
  • Share folders & files with time limits.
  • Files are encrypted.

Easy sharing

  • Folder & file sharing with internal and external team members
  • Folder & file sharing via links with persons who do not have an account on your ownCloud.
  • Co-workers/team members can create, edit, delete and/or share items you shared with them.
  • Allow public upload of files in folders you share.
  • Share folder or file link via default e-mail client such as Outlook.
  • Right-mouse-click to share.


  • Photo overviews show thumbnails.
  • Icon or list view.
  • Overview of all items your shared and the people you shared them with.
  • Overview of all items that have been shared with you and the people that shared them with you.
  • Overview of the expiration dates of all shared items that have a time limitation.
  • Configuration screen with information on connection and used storage.

Bonus:  Get AIRsynchroniser for free!

Buy WorkAIR and get AIRsynchroniser for free. Thanks to AIRsynchroniser you can create calendars outside your Microsoft Exchange environment. Calendars which you can share and update with internal and external users without the need for extra Microsoft CAL’s (Client Access Licenses) for accessing the Exchange Server. Just create a calendar and start sharing!


  • Operating system: Windows 7, 8.x and 10 desktop. Windows 10 tablet.
  • Office: Office 2013 and 2016 are supported.
  • Enterprise Content Management system:
    ownCloud 9+ (community and enterprise versions)
  • Mobile apps: Android, iOSiPhone/iPad

Be in control of your data