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Who is in control of the digital part of your organisation? Your organisation? Or (non-IT) individuals within your organisation? Or maybe even third-party organisations?

Does your organisation suffer under the negative effects of Shadow IT? The phenomena where co-workers work with (consumer)applications of their own preference to fulfil their tasks. This usually arises because they find that what the organisation offers them does little to nothing to help them in carrying out their work.

You are looking for a digital workspace where you control the data - especially the company vital and privacy sensitive data. But this control should not stifle collaboration with people inside and outside your organisation and make working with the company information extra complex. What you need is a platform where you can collaborate and have easy, but secure anytime anywhere access to the information you need. What you need is AIRworkspace: the Universal Information Management platform.

What is Universal Information Management (UIM)?

The universal in universal information management refers to two aspects:

  • Universal access. The ability to have anytime and anywhere access to your data. The Always of Always In Reach (AIR).
  • Universal purpose. All the company data in one place creating an all-inclusive information container. This in contrary of different information silos created by shadow IT.  This is the In Reach of Always In Reach (AIR).

​With an universal information management platform like AIRworkspace you create a digital workspace that is a best of both worlds combination between the easiness of file synchronisation services and the control you have with enterprise content managements systems. But at a considerable lower cost.

Universal information management vs file synchronisation vs enterprise content management

The Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and File Sync landscape, Universal Information Management (UIM) is located between ECM and File Sync, integrate the best of both worlds.

Which type of information platform should you choose?

The right answer to three crucial questions

The first thing you need to know is that there is no single product or service that fulfils all document sharing and collaboration requirements. Rather, you need to consider a number of factors before deciding what is right for your organisation. Here are the main factors you should consider:

Universal access

Security concerns

Public or Private Clouds

Does the solution allow you to share documents from all the devices from which you access and share documents, specifically — the desktop, smartphones, tablets, and web interface?

Does the solution provide password protection, encryption, and document access control, containerization, tracking and reporting, and centralized provisioning for setting up document storage and access rights.

Does the Solution store documents in a public cloud, private cloud, or on corporate servers under the control of central IT?

Cloud-based File Sync-and-Share services provide universal access via a very simple user interface. Enterprise Content Management (ECM) products lack this convenience. AIRworkspace provides easy and secure universal access at an appealing Total Cost of Ownership.

‘Free’ Cloud services typically do not provide these security measures. These services need to be enhanced with a variety of overlays to make them secure. But this will require IT involvement to provide these security measures making them less appealing. End users just want simple and easy to use document storage and sharing. ECM products usually fulfil these security demands. AIRworkspace provides required security but without jeopardizing the user experience.

This is a complex issue that depends a lot on legal requirements, the particular industry, corporate culture, and plain downright pragmatism. Depending on your specific needs you may opt for private or public Clouds. Or a hybrid mix of Cloud and on-premise file servers. AIRworkspace offers you the flexibility to choose any of these options unlike the public Cloud File Sync and Share services. With the possibility to switch to any form of Cloud that is best for you in the future.

AIRworkspace: the secure, easy to use and affordable foundation for your Digital Workspace

If you opt for an universal information management platform like AIRworkspace you choose for more control on your company data than file synchronisation services can offer you. You also choose to be more flexible than most enterprise content management platforms can offer you. With a focus on what you really need, the investment in your digital workspace is much lower, resulting in a faster ROI.

Universal information management vs file synchronisation vs enterprise content management

Figure: Relation between cost and complexity of the enterprise content management (ECM) and file sync solutions

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