Features & benefits

Here you can find an overview of all the features of AIRworkspace and the benefits you get using the AIRworkspace Universal Information Management Platform.

Basically, we offer you all the functions you really need from an Enterprise Content Management platform but with the convenience and easiness you have learned to love from file sync services. Using our WorkAIR Windows Desktop & Tablet Client makes working from your private or hybrid cloud environment as easy as working with Windows File Explorer. It will be one of the easiest learning curves your people will ever need to learn. If they are used to working with Windows File Explorer they will instantly understand it. They just have much more time-saving and easy-sharing options. Creating a secure digital workspace where you are in control over your data has never been easier than with our AIRworkspace appliance.


Anytime anywhere access

Anywhere, anytime to anyone via any mobile or internet enabled device (Windows, Mac).

Really fast performance

Files and folders are shown immediately.

Direct visual view

Thumbnails are shown straight away in the photo overview of WorkAIR.


Scale-out by stacking AIRworkspace appliances.

Secure sharing

Add a password to your file. Set expiration dates.

EU-privacy (GDPR 2018)

Comply with the upcoming EU-privacy law (General Data Protection Regulation 2018) by storing your data on EU-based servers (your own private cloud or EU-hosted) and preventing data leakage via storage on local devices.

Ransomware resistant

Make your digital workspace far less vulnerable for ransomware by separating file structures from local file structures, versioning and 'undelete'.

Freedom of choice

Store information on your own servers or with a hosted partner of your choice.

Easy learning curve

WorkAIR for Windows app and mobile apps are set up in a way that people are used to.


AIRworkspace delivers an appliance with everything pre-installed, quick start-up services.


Seamless integration into your organization, no data movement needed.


File based encryption, server or user based.


Language choice for web interface.


Continuously improving.



Access, view and manage files directly on your phone, tablet, PC or Mac.


Share files easily through a link.


Secure content with server-side encryption by choice. Automatic logout when the web app is closed. Mobile apps have an optional but recommended PIN-code.


Collaborate with internal and external team workers by sharing folders and files.


Search in the web client is full text indexed. In the WorkAIR for Windows app search is meta data driven. You can find your information within seconds.


Share and synch your appointments between mobile devices. Create a Group, Project Calendar or Private Calendar to synch appointments with others. The AIRsynchroniser app helps Outlook users.


Create a central point for your contacts and synch these between your devices.


Stream music and video. Show and share photo’s.

User Rights

LDAP / Active Directory integration

Open and save in Office 2013/2016

Open and save directly to AIRworkspace from Microsoft Office 2013 and 2016. Read more about open and save in Office 2013 and 2016.


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