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Dedicated to users and organizations

We are dedicated to create a digital workspace where users can store, find and share the information they need to do their jobs. But not at all costs. This digital workspace should be inherent secure and safeguard the privacy of both users and organization. But security should not mean that the user experience should be burdened with all kinds of security measures. So, we dedicated our efforts to combine the best technology that is available in respect of easy IT and security and combined that with our own technology and vision. With our partners Dell EMC OEM and Nextcloud we created a privacy aware secure digital working environment that is fast, easy to use and very familiar to Windows users.

AIR = Always In Reach

The AIR of AIRworkspace stands for Always In Reach. Our vision is that technology will evolve to a situation where all relevant information is available to you so you can make more complete decisions. With the uprise of Internet of Things (IoT) (also referred as Internet of Everything (IoE)) it will be just a matter of time before full Interconnectivity will be a fact. We refer to that state of full interconnectivity as the state of AIR. All information that is relevant to you will be at your disposal. All should be able to make more complete decisions and minimize wrong decison-making. Our hope is that AIR helps us all to build a better world.

You should be in control

But AIR also stands symbol for transparency and necessity. We find it very important that the technology is developed and used in a transparant and trustworthy way. Like the necessity to breathe air to survive, we find it very important that you are in control of your own data/information/content/knowledge. It is the cornerstone of your organization, especially those which are vital to your company. Why would you put the core of your company, your company DNA, in control of any other than your own? You should be in control. With regard to your company critical and privacy sensitive information you should not accept any other situation.

Digital workspace

The digital workspace is also known as the digital workplace, but we prefer to use space instead of place. It sounds more appropriate as technology enables us to work with anyone wherever we are. We describe the digital workspace as the whole of work experiences delivered through the collective use of connected devices, software, interfaces and clouds. It covers all the digital technology services we use to do our work. The goal of AIRworkspace is to become the center of your digital workspace. Instead of offering all functions itself, it will connect them. AIRworkspace centralizes all your personal and business information. It provides that information to other connected applications.

Connecting people, businesses and clouds

We realize this by connecting people, businesses and clouds. Our goal is to connect all relevant elements for the digital worker. Bring the information, communication and people together in a central space and offer structure, security and easiness in his or her digital workspace. No matter if if you store and use a private, hybrid or even public cloud. No matter if you want it on-premise or off-premise.

Connecting you and us

But connecting is not only referring to our products the AIRworkspace appliance and WorkAIR. We like to get in touch with persons and organisations that have the same dedication as us. Who understand the value and importance of a secure digital workspace that is in your control. Who would like to partner with us or want to resell. Please feel free to contact us.

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