Need really fast anytime anywhere access to your information?

Our WorkAIR windows desktop client for Nextcloud/ownCloud servers gives you an instant overview of your folders, files and photos. Together with our free iOS and Android apps you have easy anywhere anytime access to your information. It will make work more effective and more fun.

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Need full control over your business critical information?

Why would you entrust your business essential information to a public cloud? Don’t. Be in control of your own data. Rely on AIRworkspace’s digital-workspace-in-a-box solutions for your organization and your customers. Easy to setup and manage, and very affordable. 

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Need full protection to secure your business sensitive information?

You want to keep your business critical information safe. Partly WorkAIR will help you prevent data leakage as all information in WorkAIR remains on your private cloud server. But for an ultra secure digital workspace our AIRworkspace Horus will be your safest choice. Based on security through identity, Horus provides you ease of mind and lower Total Cost of Ownership.

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Need unlimited storage to keep up with the fast growth of your data?

The growth of your digital information seems to be out of control. Buy new, much bigger storage servers? No. Our AIRworkspace Apollo provides you with scale out storage which means no more data migration and use no more space than required. Control your costs by controlling your data growth. Installing and managing Apollo is much easier than changing the habits of your users.

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Need ASAP a secure, easy to use and affordable digital workspace?

If your current situation is unwanted , you need to change this asap. Our digital workspace solutions are appliances, meaning that they can be installed and operational within hours instead of days or weeks. Based on best practices and blueprint architecture you only have to indicate the amount of users, your digital growth and the level of security and we will create your best-fit digital workspace. Save time and money, choose AIRworkspace.

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Need an approachable collaboration platform to work with others?

No business can survive on its own. Collaboration is vital. Having a collaboration platform that provides fast, secure and easy file sharing is essential. WorkAIR and Nextcloud/ownCloud form the basis of such a collaboration platform and are part of our AIRworkspace digital workspace solutions. Thanks to link sharing you don’t have to pay a license for every person you want to share your information with. Collaborate but not at all costs.

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